The Smarter Way To Care When You Can’t Be There

TouchPoint services allow your loved ones to remain at home and independent longer

“The only thing my mum remembers, is that she loves me”- Angela Rippon

TouchPoint in harmony with care

TouchPoint is an innovative company working with homecare providers to deliver care packages that assist individuals to remain independent and at home longer

Homecare Providers

TouchPoint places homecare providers at the centre of the new technology revolution by linking the monitoring of service users to carer response and intervention

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Being able to look after your loved ones wherever they live, has been at the centre of TouchPoint service development. Now relatives can do just that, as well as being kept informed of their wellbeing, by using the new TouchPoint Network mobile app. Keeping a caring arm around your loved one is just a click away

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Currently, one in seven of workers will be a carer. In the future, even more workers will need to combine caring for an elderly relative with their normal commitment to the workplace. The peak age for caring is 45-64 when employees will have gained substantial skills and experience vital the smooth running of many companies.

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Our service provides the modern solutions that mean peace of mind for both relatives and their loved ones.

What really concerns relatives, is that between face to face visits by carers, there is little, if any monitoring of loved ones.

It is because of this concern, that TouchPoint has developed its range of services,delivered by homecare providers. It fills in the gaps between visits at a fraction of the cost of face to face visits.

So now, every minute of every day between carer visits, you will know exactly how they are managing. And the homecare provider is there for when they aren't.

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TouchPoint is an innovative service provided through homecare agencies. The TouchPoint service packages incorporate the best care technology to provide independence, peace of mind, confidence and security for individuals, their families and carers

Norman Niven, Touchpoint CEO

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TouchPoint is a simple way of connecting you and your loved ones so wherever you are in the country, you can check that all is well. It’s just peace of mind. If you would like more information on what we do here at Touchpoint, whether for yourself, a relative or as a care professional, please do get in touch.